Editing Samples: Articles for Mormon Insights

“Three Ways Christ Can Heal”

This is an article written by a BYU student (name used with permission) for the website Mormon Insights. The article is written with the intent to capture the topic of Carol M. Stephens’s talk in a logical and organized way that will appeal to LDS Church members, especially those who are young adults. My goal as editor was to make substantive suggestions as I saw necessary. In my edits, I note some places in which organization of the topic discussed can be altered so that the idea stands as a cohesive unit from beginning to end.

“Piecing Together the Past”

In this article written for Mormon Insights, the author (name used with permission) aims to summarize the principles that Keith Erekson’s shared with LDS Church members regarding studying Church history. My goal as editor was to focus on any substantive changes that the article needed. Because this article is written specifically for young adults of the LDS Church, I wanted to ensure that the introduction had enough of a kicker to deal with the topic of history, a topic that can be perceived as boring or dry. In order to avoid that, I suggest here that the author expound further on why a “full representation of the past” is so important.

“Thy Prayer Has Been Answered”

This article for Mormon Insights is a bit different than the two displayed above. In this article, the author (name used with permission) intends to share her own testimony and personal insights with the reader. As an editor of this article, I was to focus on suggesting substantive alterations that would strengthen the article. In order to respect the personal nature of this article and ensure that every reader understands the depth and breadth of the author’s personal feelings, I suggest here that the author explain circumstances in her own in life that add even more legitimacy to her personal insights. For an audience of young adult readers, a personal experience would make the author’s perspectives even easier to relate to.