Symposium Essay: “Eve’s Feminist Wave”

I wrote this paper for an English class, which included a study of John Milton’s classic, Paradise Lost. When my professor requested a conference-length (8-10 pages) research paper on a work of literature, I decided to write about Eve, a main character in Milton’s classic. I was able to present my research paper at BYU’s annual English Symposium the following semester. The paper was later published in the on-campus student journal Criterion.

Articles for Mormon Insights

I wrote the following two articles for the website Mormon Insights, which is produced by a team of student editors at BYU. My professor’s direction for these articles was to draw upon a topic that is fresh, interesting, timely, and appropriate for the Mormon Insights audience, which includes members of the LDS Church who are young adults.

“Moral Relativism”

“New Perspectives: Women in Church History”

Style Guide: OGIO International

Using the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, I created a style manual for OGIO International, a golf and leisure company based in Utah. This style guide aims to standardize any text that is published or authored with the intent to professionally represent OGIO. It is not intended to be comprehensive, but includes writing issues that will improve consistency when writing within or about OGIO. Written to conform with the standards of global English, the style guide works to improve principles of grammar and usage within the company.